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If You Want To ‘See’ Why People Shun Boston City Hall – Eye Track it!

Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy and Boston’s City Hall Plaza are often cited as the best and worst of what architecture can be. The Italian piazza with its crenelated city hall and tightly-aligned buildings has invited public gathering and … Continue reading

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Why Putting Pets on a Package Grabs Attention – No Matter What’s Inside

Around the end-of-year gift-giving season, it’s fun to check out the packages that grab our attention. Like this one: Completely irresistible. How can you not look at those kitties and love them? Won’t you take them home? The feelings are … Continue reading

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Eye-Tracking Architecture: Going viral…

We were pleased to see our research reported in Common\Edge earlier this month getting broad coverage elsewhere. Let us know if you’d like to republish too. 1. Fast Company: 2. Architectural Digest: 3. ArchDaily: 4. ArchNewsNow: reading

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‘Game-Changing Eye-Tracking Studies Reveal How We Actually See Architecture’ from Common\Edge

Click on images above to read this recent post on, a non-profit site dedicated to improving the design of our built environment. The piece is co-authored by Ann Sussman and Janice M. Ward from  

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Wellness Walls: A Look at Leaves and their Long-lasting Allure

Last week’s GreenBuild/ ABX2017Expo in Boston boasted a mind-boggling 550+ exhibitors and 75+ product categories focused on sustainable building—from insulation to solar panels. As the escalator descended to the 12-acre exhibit space, I felt that Robin Williams’ Moscow on Hudson … Continue reading

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What Makes a Place Walkable? Turns out not just sidewalks.

What makes a place walkable? Turns out it’s not just sidewalks. ‘Fixation points’ that stimulate the eye to look in a direction or at a specific place, matter too. With eye-tracking tools, you can start to deconstruct the hidden process … Continue reading

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Want to Learn about the Brain? Eye Track an Apple Ad

If you want to learn how your brain works, in particular how it takes in visual stimuli, look at an Apple ad. The tech giant, listed as the world’s 9th largest company, with a current valuation of some $800 billion, has introduced revolutionary products … Continue reading

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