How Do We See the World? Like the Animals We Are!

Eye-tracking Times Square, NYC, creates ‘heatmaps’ which glow red where people look most ©

State-of-the-art biosensors, including eye tracking and facial expression analysis software, help us confront something not always considered – our intrinsic animal nature – and how it directs our behavior subliminally much more than most realize.

When applied to understanding our experience of the built environment, these game-changing technologies let us ‘see’ the unseen, breaking down how our interaction with environments happen. They reveal the hidden mechanisms driving our experience, making us understand why we find some places stressful and intrinsically avoid them, while sense others as the opposite, inviting and approachable.

…”When you know the mechanism, you can use that understanding in countless ways to drastically improve the human condition,” explains Nadine Burke Harris, MD, in her remarkable book on human behavior. “That is how you spark a revolution. You shift the frame, you change the lens, and all at once the world is revealed, and nothing is the same.”

Interested in learning more about this revolution or join? Check out this free podcast on exploring Architecture with iMotions, on April 28th, 2022:

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