Open Invitation to Urban Experience and Design Book Launch: Friday, January 15, 2021, 3PM EST

The Human Architecture and Planning InstituteTufts UEP, and Routledge invite you to a global, virtual event to celebrate the publication of the new book Urban Experience and Design: Contemporary Perspectives on Improving the Public Realm on January 15, 2021, 3PM-4PM Eastern Time.

Editors Justin Hollander and Ann Sussman will be on hand, offering remarks on the book’s origins from the Tufts 2019 Ux+Design conference, and then introducing many of the book chapter contributors. Each author will then speak briefly about their chapter followed by a Q&A and book discussion. All are invited to attend the informative Webex session. To receive the free link, just send an email requesting it, to:

Urban Experience and Design: Contemporary Perspectives on Improving the Public Realm embraces a biological and evolutionary perspective to explain how buildings impact us. The book explores how cognitive science and biometric tools provide an evidence-based foundation for architecture and planning. Aiming to promote the creation of a healthier and happier public realm, it describes how unconscious responses to stimuli, outside our conscious awareness, direct our experience of the built environment and govern human behavior in our surroundings.

Researchers in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, France and Iran contributed to its 15 chapters. Topics addressed range from using eye-tracking to better understand the architectural experience to the importance of seeing beauty and finding empathy in design, to how new understandings in neuroscience, specifically concerning brain trauma, rewrite the narrative of how modern architecture came to be. 

The volume invites students, architects and the public at large to see how cognitive science and biometric findings give us new 21st-century metrics for evaluating and improving designs in the built environment before they are built.

Routledge will provide a discount code for the book for event attendees. More information here:

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3 Responses to Open Invitation to Urban Experience and Design Book Launch: Friday, January 15, 2021, 3PM EST

  1. The blog is addressing on the open invitation to urban experience and design book launch friday January. Such content must be made more and more available. Thank you for this article! This is really very informative. I love this article, thanks for producing such great contents. I love your posts always.


  2. It’s certainly relevant; and now we have the science that shows why it works! We’ll be talking about that at the launch; come by if you can!

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  3. jjegan3blog says:

    What ever happened to New Urbanism? Granted that happened a generation ago but it seemed to build on Christopher Alexander’s Pattern language theories about creating environments with familiar tropes.


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