Our 2018 Art+Science Photo Contest

We’re thrilled to announce our grant from the Acton-Boxborough Cultural Council (ABCC) for a unique art + science study of two Massachusetts towns.


This study uses photography, biometric tools and new findings in neuroscience to show how our unconscious behaviors govern our experience of the built environment.

To engage the public, we’re starting with an open call for photos of buildings + houses + streetscapes (no people) that people love – or don’t like so much – in Acton and Boxborough.

2018ABCCphotocontestflyer.pngMany thanks to our collaborators for this first-of-its-kind STEAM (science | technology | engineering | arts | math) study;  AB PIP STEM (actonpip.org), the Discover Museum of Acton, Green Acton and the ABCC, a branch of the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC). Without their support and appetite for creativity, it wouldn’t have happened!

Contest FAQs

  1. Photos of buildings, houses and streetscapes must be in towns of Acton and/or Boxborough, MA.
  2. You don’t have to be a resident to participate.
  3. All ages welcome.
  4. Prizes will be awarded.
  5. No people in pictures; they skew results.
  6. Submit up to 5 photos of AB places you like +/or dislike.
  7. Make sure your last name is part of the filename for each pic, and file extensions are .jpg or .png or .gif.
  8. Click the Upload Pix Here button to fill out the form and submit your photos.  (You’ll have to be logged into your Google account.)
  9. Other ?s: email artscapeshow@gmail.com

Upload Pix Here!


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