BuildingStudy – #4: Call for Participants!

Interested in better understanding how people take in the world? Then take part in this eye-tracking studies, while it’s still up!

Anyone with a laptop or PC with webcam can sign in; on a Mac, link to it from Google Chrome or Firefox (and it’s best to do so in a quiet space with minimal distraction.)

Building Study #4:

These Building Studies use state-of-the-art eye-tracking and facial-expression-analysis software from, a global purveyor of biometric tools for human behavioral research. Once on site, the studies direct you to eye-tracking calibration slides – where you simply focus on a shape as it moves across the screen – before image viewing begins. Studies takes about 4 minutes in total, and conclude with a brief series of calibration slides. It then takes a minute-or-two to upload your collected data.

This research is sponsored by, a nonprofit dedicated to understanding the human experience of the built environment and improving its design through education and research. Feel free to reach out if you have questions, email: contact (at)

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