BuildingStudy–#5: Open for Participants!

We’re looking for participants for these unique, and quick, Building Studies to help us better understand ourselves – quite literally! We’ll be taking them down by end of month and could definitely use your help in the meantime, to broaden our understanding of how people take in their surroundings – in subliminal ways that most of us remain unaware of!

Anyone with a laptop or PC with webcam can sign in; on a Mac, link to it from Google Chrome or Firefox (and it’s best to do so in a quiet space with minimal distraction.)

Building Study–#4: Results should be out soon;

Building Study–#5: open for participants;

These Studies use state-of-the-art eye-tracking and facial-expression-analysis software from, a global purveyor of biometric tools for human behavioral research. Once on site, the studies direct you to eye-tracking calibration slides – where you simply focus on a shape as it moves across the screen – before image viewing begins. Studies takes about 4 minutes in total, and conclude with a brief series of calibration slides. It then takes a minute-or-two to upload your collected data.

This research is sponsored by, a nonprofit dedicated to understanding the human experience of the built environment and improving its design through education and research. Feel free to reach out if you have questions, email: contact (at)

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3 Responses to BuildingStudy–#5: Open for Participants!

  1. No – any laptop is fine!! all best Ann


  2. Virginia Loftus says:

    Exciting & informational.


  3. Virginia Loftus says:

    Does it disqualify me if I can’t borrow a laptop? Can you contact me @ 978-929-2979
    /978-201-7970, please. Virginia


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