Designing for the Subliminal Brain: Architecture & the 21st Century Paradigm Shift, at the ICAA, December 3, 2021

How do buildings make people feel? How do they influence behavior? This talk at the ICAA (Institute for Classical Architecture & Art) in NYC reviewed new findings in neuroscience and psychology and new technologies that can help us better understand architecture’s impact on people. It discussed biometric tools, including eye tracking, which follow our conscious and subliminal (or unconscious) eye movement, to explain how our experience of the built environment happens. Attendees viewed videos of buildings eye-tracked, such as Boston City Hall, below to tease apart how the architectural experience actually happens.

Held virtually over Zoom, more info on the Talk here:

Click on image below to see how the image above happened; it tracks the sequence of fixation or focal points (yellow circles) the viewer made along with the saccades, or the lines between them as he took in the scene, showing his brain directing him to focus on the foreground.

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