Next Step for Architecture? Embracing the Biology of Human Perception

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How do we look at the world? Like the animal we are!  The images above shows how we look at a coffee cup differently when it has ‘eyes’ on it – even if fake!  Our brain, an artifact of 3.8 billion years of evolution would never let us do otherwise! It’s simply too dangerous from its perspective.  So when we see the eyes on the plush cup at a coffee bar we go straight for them unconsciously (in pre-attentive processing); and when they’re removed we’ll focus attention more on the sharp shapes (toothpicks) in front.*

Why does this matter? Well, turns out it’s huge if you care about building better places for people.

“Architects today face a unique opportunity to reshape the environment so it’s a better fit with our biological nature. They are in an unprecedented position to use evidence-based design and build what people want to, unconsciously, see and be in. With new biometric tools, they can more easily do postoccupancy evaluations, asking people where they feel at their best, ensuring that new projects are rooted in successful precedent—for real.”

Evolution is real and fascinating; to build healthy sustainable places for people, designers need to look into it. Read more at Architectural Digest site: Why Architectural Education Needs to Embrace Evidence-Based Design, Now .

* Images made with 3M’s VAS software.

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