BSA Placemaking Network: Sept 26 Talk

The Biometrics of Placemaking: Why We Need Buildings to ‘See’ Us

When:September 26, 2016 | 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Where: Boston Society of Architects (BSA) Space, 290 Congress St, Suite 200, Boston
This event is free w refreshments and open to all


Three speakers, Ann Sussman AIA, co-author of Cognitive Architecture together with Janice Ward, of Genetics of and Vernon Woodworth FAIA, of Urban Determination, will explore how subconscious behaviors govern our experience in the built environment and how ‘seeing’ these hidden predispositions with biometric tools can help us understand what makes places successful. They will review eye-tracked images from their June cover story in Planning Magazine. They will also discuss our human-centric perception and how seeing and being seen by others is so important that we are happiest and most at ease around objects that seem to ‘see’ us too.

For those who qualify, 2 LU/HSW are available

Image Credit: Ann Sussman AIA, IHCD

To learn more about the Placemaking Network, visit

Click Register to attend.


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