Take Part in these Eye-Tracking Studies – to Help ‘See’ How We See our World!

Check out these quick studies using state-of-the-art software from iMotions.com, a global purveyor of biometric tools for human behavioral research. They are sponsored by theHapi.org (the Human Architecture + Planning Institute) a nonprofit dedicated to understanding the human experience of the built environment and improving its design through education and research.

They can help give us important understanding of how humans evolved to take in our world – key understandings to have to build better places for people.

Anyone with a laptop or PC with webcam can take part; on a Mac, link to it from Google Chrome or Firefox (and it’s best to do so in a quiet space with minimal distraction.) Here’s the link:

Building Study–#6:


Building Study #5:


Building Study #4:


Once on site, the link directs you to eye-tracking calibration slides – where you simply focus on a shape as it moves across the screen – before image viewing begins. Each BuildingStudy takes about 4-to 5 minutes in total, and concludes with a brief series of calibration slides. This includes a minute-or-two to upload your collected data.

Feel free to forward this post; the more participants the better. Have a question or want more info? Email: contact(at)theHapi.org

And, thank you for your time!

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